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Litecoinlocal is run by a team of two experienced web developers. Please feel free to contact us should you have any issues whatsoever!

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5 months ago Tmcfadye420 Was in a dispute yesterday and sent without receiving on accident. Still new to this trading . And still waiting on somebody to respond
5 months ago Julia210 Help I opened a dispute but I did not want to do it I want to return my litecoins
5 months ago ltc1234 Ok, transaction was processed finally after 2 hours. I apologise for spamming the channel but I got really upset. My impression is that the website is trying to bundle together several withdrawals, so they reduce the mining fees. And therefore sometimes it has to wait for some time to process the transaction. Or maybe there was another issue. I give permission to the developers of the site to delete my comments/requests. All is good! Thank you!
5 months ago ltc1234 And still nothing...I really need my litecoins!!!!!!!!! I just spend £300 on my litecoins and I cannot get them!!! Withdrawal did not go through...and my balance is zero...
5 months ago ltc1234 I am waiting for an hour...I withdraw 2.36 ltc, and I have not received any TRX id yet. Clearly my transaction did not go through. But my balance in the local litecoin wallet is zero. Where are my litecoins??
5 months ago ltc1234 Please help!!!! I want my LTC back!!! my withdrawal transaction did not go through but my balance is still zero!!
5 months ago ltc1234 Hello, I tried to withdraw 2.36 ltc. It seems the transaction did not go through, I have not received any transaction id yet, and it says it is pending. It seems the transaction did not go through, but my balance is zero. Please help!!!
5 months ago newkidhere It says my account is disabled! I have never opened an account ! how is that possible?
5 months ago Jamo I need my account unblocked, it says there might be open disputes, there was previously one due to the database corruption but that was resolved, i have now been waiting weeks to be able to start trading again.
5 months ago pepps1976 A mate of mine owns a pump and dump group with other 20K Subscribers, he also has contacts with other groups, if they dont sort this i will start it of no problem, then they will have no one trading on this site

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