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Litecoinlocal is run by a team of two experienced web developers. Please feel free to contact us should you have any issues whatsoever!

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3 years ago LTC1 Trying to buy but says "Trading for your account has been disabled, please resolve any open disputes on your trades." What's the problem?
3 years ago snowkeld Send me back my LTC! Your database issue is your problem. Act before lawyers come into play.
3 years ago recolic I register an account just now, and tried to purchase some LTC by paypal(USD). However, it says"Trading for your account has been disabled, please resolve any open disputes on your trades."
3 years ago chahidkhan I had 3 LTC in my account and now i have 1.7 LTC i tried to withdraw but i cant they said must clear disputed trades that i never had before site down , you lost your database is your problem not customers problem , so get back my money if not i will search for a lawyer and any other customer lost his funds here will join me . all scammers place is a jail , remember that
3 years ago educhip This site is a scam, I had 0.52 ltc in my wallet and they have been stolen without further explanation. I will never trade on this site again.
3 years ago liverpoolmate My litecoinwallet shows ltc with 6 confirmations on the blockchain but 0 on this website. Can you check please ?
3 years ago Tmcfadye420 In still waiting for a response
3 years ago ltc1234 @N0Nam3dUs3r To get money from the cold wallet, the site operators need to do it themselves. I checked now, and i seems that the hot wallet has only 1.5 ltc, and therefore if you want to get more that 1.5, they need to do it themselves, so it may take some time. The guys of the site seem to be legit, but they could communicate a little better instead of us guessing what is going on. manually.
3 years ago ltc1234 @N0Nam3dUs3r I had a similar problem when i tried to withdraw a rather big amount of ltc (around 2.6 ltc). For several hours, I could not get the transaction id. Eventually the transaction went through. Shortly afterwards, I understood what is the problem. If you check the audit place, you will see that they have two wallets, one hot wallet from which you can take ltc anytime you want, and a cold wallet which is offline for security reasons.
3 years ago N0Nam3dUs3r how is that possible? this site is bogus or what

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