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8 years ago ADMIN Romz05 if you left your coins on the site then they're gone. Over a year ago the old owner: took all deposited coins and quit. Since then we have been operating without issues. Please read the other news posts for more info.
8 years ago Romz05 hi there

i had bought 500£ worth of lite coin you will see on my history

i have just logged on and there is nothing in my account , no transactions of it leaving ??


a very worried and anxious

Romey O'neill
8 years ago ADMIN Very sorry autojones1, this specific problem has been fixed and will not happen again. For any other urgent issues please email us for the fastest response.
8 years ago autojones1 WHEN CAN I GET MY MONEY OUT ITS BEEN DAYS
8 years ago ADMIN See the buyer's guide:
8 years ago Gators1380 How do I put money in my wallet to buy
8 years ago ADMIN For any queries about missing litecoin, please read the other news posts
8 years ago Mattmcleod Hello. I bought 2000 pounds of Litecoins last year. They are missing from my wallet. Please explain. Matt
9 years ago JanTam Hi, My account shows a correct amount of LTC 5.01659919 but my wallet contains 0 LTC ??? Can you help me ?
9 years ago ADMIN @kaliboy1985 - Read the news post:

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