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Litecoinlocal is run by a team of two experienced web developers. Please feel free to contact us should you have any issues whatsoever!

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7 years ago JanTam A few years ago my wallet contained 5.01659919 LTC now the wallet is empty ? ???
7 years ago falcon flyer hello. I purchased litecoin november 2014. however my balance does not it. please let me know what happend.
7 years ago bakerst17 Help me to understand please, my LTC were gone somewhere, they were on balance, and now there is nothing
7 years ago BadAssLitecoin I need the Western Union information to do a trade.
7 years ago coinphp Can I pay the bitcoin to buy litecoin
7 years ago mycoinswallet Please clear all my Log past notifications, these include disputes, completed trades, and other events till now 03-03-2017. I Need only 1 month Log. I need to start from the scarp for trade.

Also Please delete comments from bohay21 (100% , 0) Immediately, as he mentions Report. Message shows my reputation.

7 years ago anteroh I bought around 60 LTC in 2014 and now I don't see them in my wallet anymore.You can see all those trades in my trade history and you can also see that I have not transferred any LTC to anywhere from here... So why and of course I would like to get them back?
7 years ago kennygluv Can you please resolve my dispute??
7 years ago kennygluv can John Smith please release my LTC
7 years ago kareninsf Hi- I'm eager to start selling here but I can't find any recent information describing how this site works- is it similar to Localbitcoins or paxful? I'm hesitant since most of the info online is about this site being horribly hacked- sent a tweet and emails hoping for more info- thanks very much - any subreddit?

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