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2 years ago Swisswatcher can you add M-Pesa and Kenyan Shilling ?
2 years ago wavy nevermind, for those who are having trouble it seems like it only accept legacy addresses for withdrawals and not segwit ones.
2 years ago wavy I can't seem to send my litecoins to my wallet and says it's because my address is invalid
2 years ago edwardchecks Danzo isn't a legit resource.He must be a fraudster.
We made a deal that he is to sell me 1LTC at 93$ but on sending him 104$USD for equivalent 1.18 LTC he has only sent me 0.01Ltc.
I sent him 104$ USD and the cash got hold by pay pal for 21 days now he is complaining that i sent him fraud cash.On my side my cash was clean.
how do i about refund of my cash.He fraud me
2 years ago bookends I'm having issues trying to withdraw LTC to my Litecoin Core Wallet. It keeps saying the wallet address is invalid.
2 years ago yatakaka Where are my LTC!?
2 years ago yatakaka Hi I recall having a number of ltc and when I logged in here today I found a balance of 0 with no transaction history. Please help.
2 years ago magicmike I'm having issues trying to send LTC. It keeps saying the wallet address is invalid..
2 years ago chahidkhan Hey ,
a cheater one has created his new account 3 hours ago , he didnt accept my conditions i dont want to sell for him then he reported me with a bad message for nothing , please team delete it after checking all chat between us , everything is clear in the chatbox , Im here honest trading coins a long time now .

2 years ago swattimmy where are my litecoins!!!?? please help

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