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Litecoinlocal is run by a team of two experienced web developers. Please feel free to contact us should you have any issues whatsoever!

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2 years ago Jonijong1007 I want to purchase a litecoin but no one replaying my message , so I have to cancel the trade ,do I have to wait for replay before we do the trading ? Because some of them were active a months ago.
2 years ago joluck Can I use flexpin to purchase litecoin in Edmonton?
2 years ago amitmishra somebody logged in 2-3 days back in my a/c. that was not me.kindly enable 2 factor authentication on ur site. i'm afraid the hacker has access to all my sensitive info.
2 years ago csb123 I purchased a few lite coins on Dec 2013 in the amount of 18.72890656 plus mined a small amount. I logged into my account and see my balance as Zero. Will you please help
2 years ago hshunter Hi,

I purchased some lite coins a few years back.

I have not been active on my account for a long time, although i just signed in and found that my lite coin wallet says i have no lite coins. This is incorrect as i purchased 7.487872 lite coins for a total of £100.

Can you please advise on why my wallet is saying i have zero litecoins.

2 years ago holiver3 can you add walmart gift card
2 years ago Pavel787 Здравсвтуйте не мог найти какой процент комисии забирает сервис и сколько нужно латков для того что бы я мог выстовить обьявления на продажу
2 years ago Angel101 how do I use my credits
2 years ago TarekTTG Would you please please please add VEF Venezuela national currency bolivar fuerte.. we NEEED to buy litecoin in Venezuela
My localbitcoins user is TarekTTG, and i will be more than happy to provide a spanish support for free.. just add Venezuela PLEAAASSE
2 years ago neutrino80 when I go to open a trade I can only see the £ amount it would be helpful to see the ltc amount first so we know if we have enough balance to pay before opening the trade

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