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Litecoinlocal is run by a team of two experienced web developers. Please feel free to contact us should you have any issues whatsoever!

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2 years ago stevehoppy Hi, I bought 10 LTC in May 2014. Just logged in and noticed they are not in my wallet here, is there a way of finding out if I withdrew them or if they are with the previous owner?
2 years ago Bear I had 15 coins in my wallet now they're gone, no transfers or any history purchased in 2014
2 years ago robertharding i am unable to transfer my ltc
2 years ago falcon flyer Hello everyone. I purchased lietcoin back in 2013. Has anyone had any luck recovering their litecoin from previous owner.
2 years ago Litecoinmaster When willmthe Litecoin be available for purchase in South Africa?
2 years ago liberty4us I wish to retract a Negative comment I made on John Smith who sold me some light coin. I am Very new to this crypto game!! I was looking
in the wrong place for his deposit. John did in fact credit my tokens in a timely manner. How can we resolve this? Alfred .. liberty4us.
2 years ago MagDel2014 when am i going to get the litecoin
2 years ago Angel101 I want admin to delete the report ads i left on (John Smith) page can you please delte them
2 years ago csb123 I recently checked my Litecoin account only to find none of my purchased lite coins (should be 18.72) nor my mined coins (x) are shown in my account. Will you please help restore these coins to my account. Please contact me to help me resolve this situation.
2 years ago Angel101 i want to start a new trade but litecoin wont let me i even put a dispute just for faster cancel

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