Posted By: Admin 2018-01-06 - Site-wide Password Reset

Hello everyone,

Today we are resetting the passwords of all users, due to a number of known database leaks containing our user's login information (namely bitcointalk and other forums). Those sites were hacked, and because many users had the same password and email combination on those sites as they do on, the hackers were able to use those database leaks to log into accounts.

In addition to this we were recently notified of a security breach at our email provider which resulted in some users having their password reset by an unauthorized user. The user could access all emails sent by our website, and therefore they could execute password resets on any account they had an email for, thus allowing them access to the account. Our provider has already closed the point of unauthorized access and posted a report which can be viewed here:

Luckily, we don't yet know of any stolen funds that resulted from these incidents. However, we still find it necessary to reset all passwords. When choosing a password please use a different one from other Bitcoin and Litecoin related sites.

Finally, to protect your account and funds from attacks in the future, please enable Two-Factor Authentication on the settings page for your account and save any excess LTC on a hardware wallet such as a Trezor or Ledger Wallet.

Thank you, Staff

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