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loulew123 (100% , 0)

Warning! wanted me to fund without an escrow! loulew123: u update the bank info with litecoinlocal as they will verify too. im not making a deposit usless there is a fund in escrow. 14 hrs ago loulew123: it saids for me to not send payment yet. The seller must fund escrow before you can trade safely. This message will update when you can send payment. 14 hrs ago loulew123: you dont release to me. u release to the escrow on locallitecoins 14 hrs ago ltctrading7: I also might ask for id or

Davidcoins (100% , 0)

Scammer , he wants free LTC !! he asks for escrow funds and not paying Fuck Your Mum cheater

snakeltc (91% , 12)

Do not trade with this fucking idiot!! This scumbag will lose your time, he do not have coins, only asking you to send money or id documents without funding the escrow. He is just a simple scumbag from New Jersey. If he can't cheat you, he will report you with some bul shit fake talks.

chahidkhan (99% , 165)

Be aware of this cheater , he is the big scammer in this site , he never pay something and he want coins free , fuck him


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