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Litecoinlocal is run by a team of two experienced web developers. Please feel free to contact us should you have any issues whatsoever!

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2 years ago Henry_Vanegas Buenas tardes, cual es el procedimiento para borrar la cuenta.
2 years ago Sharpy141 My seller want a picture i carnt upload it ive triec with no luck says invalid file
2 years ago benten @Isharma84, Hi if you look at the top of this page and open the 'Start Here' menu it will guide you to the guides to selling/buying litecoins. These guides are nice and clear with screenshots which make the process easy to follow.
2 years ago benten The basic process is this:
1. Search for the country/currency you wish to buy in
2. Select a seller you wish to buy from. Take note of the upper and lower sale limits, and when they were last online (someone last online a long time ago may not reply to your messages).
2 years ago benten 3. Choose how much litecoin you wish to buy and initiate a trade with the seller by clicking on the buy button.
4. Wait for the seller to fund the escrow. This may happen instantly or you may have to wait a while if the seller has disabled auto fund.
5. Send your payment to the seller. ***DO NOT DO THIS UNTIL THE ESCROW HAS BEEN FUNDED***
2 years ago benten 6. Click the payment sent button.
7. Once the seller has confirmed that you have paid they will release your litecoin.
8. Leave feedback so that others know whether the seller is trustworthy.
After you have your litecoin it is advisable to transfer it to a cold storage/hardware wallet.
One more thing, it is worth messaging sellers if you plan to buy a large amount as they may offer a bulk buy discount. I personally offer discounts to repeat buyers and bulk buyers.
2 years ago benten As for selling there are two options on this site:
1. Search for a buyer in much the same way as you would a seller. The process is similar but this time ***DO NOT RELEASE YOUR LITECOIN UNTIL YOU HAVE CONFIRMED THE BUYERS PAYMENT HAS ARRIVED IN YOUR ACCOUNT***
2. Create your own ad and wait for buyers to contact you.
Obviously the first option allows you to sell at any time, whereas the second requires you to wait for buyers to initiate trades with you.
2 years ago benten As for information about litecoin, I would look at a variety of sites to ensure a balanced set of opinions.,,, have some articles that can help explain the basics of litecoin.
I hope that was helpful, let me know if you have anymore questions, and if you're looking to buy in the UK you can look at my ads.
2 years ago lsharma84 Hey,
I have just got registered here and want to buy some Litecoins, don't know much about this, please guide me how to buy and also confirm if I can sell it any point of time and that money comes back to my bank account? also tell me more about litecoins if you can, awaiting for your reply.
2 years ago cwotisay07 The address field contains an invalid address. Please check the address for typos or copy errors..this comes up have checked at least ten times address is correct, what happening

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