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Litecoinlocal is run by a team of two experienced web developers. Please feel free to contact us should you have any issues whatsoever!

[email protected]

Email: [email protected]
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Kale (kryogenic)
Email: [email protected]
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We can also be reached on our official twitter:
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2 years ago chalfkenny how does one send a payment to a seller of crypto currencies on this website. Do I have to use snap chat? I am in the process of downloading snap chat for the first time
2 years ago tchfe92lt I screwed up because it said the seller had initiated the trade and thought that they did, but that is super confusing because lbc is that way. I sent a lot of money for me thinking I could then mark as paid like lbc allows... mods need to be more involved on here, this really sucks for me.
2 years ago NESSAH Hello,
I wish to have the address of my Bitcoin please, I can not get it back.
Thank you
2 years ago maxvoskr hey guys, I have been scammed by a user on paypal. On the next day of our transaction he marked payment as unauthorized. I believe that he still has my LTC on litecoinlocal. Is there a way to get them back? I emailed litecoinlocal team members but haven't got a response yet. I am scared to report that person because he would transfer his litecoins to another wallet. Do you guys have any advice for me?
2 years ago welldone55 I was trying to buy lite coin, then i saw my valet address in not right and i dont know how to change it. Can you help me
2 years ago chahidkhan the bad thing is when U are honest and legit here then someone will open 4 or 5 account and he report you because he want to pay with unverified paypal to do a chargeback for you , and the worst thing is litecoinlocal team will not delete those fake reports and you lose customers !
2 years ago Gubbs Can I pay with a credit card
2 years ago LTCMasters Hi , someone reported me without any reason ! please verify the chat between us and delete the report . thanks
2 years ago chahidkhan Hey again ; Please clear fake reports from bad buyers ; check chat i never scam someone here but some stupid ppl report because they dont accept my selling conditions with paypal . Thank U
2 years ago miah0889 I've had a issue with a trade mate, i put the log into escrow and it just sent it out immediately. Normally it asks me to to confirm if the payment has been received

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