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Litecoinlocal is run by a team of two experienced web developers. Please feel free to contact us should you have any issues whatsoever!

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3 years ago DudeGuy Yo, whenever I try to trade it says that my account has open disputes, but I don't have any. Please unblock my account.
3 years ago pepps1976 admins?????
3 years ago pepps1976 Please can admin help to resolve my situation, people are unhappy here, its not fair to your users
3 years ago LTCguy Isn’t it funny how my ‘disputes’ closed the day after the litecoincash split? I’ve had litecoin stuck in here so I’ve lost out on a lot of Litecoin Cash wondering if the owner knew this and used user funds to get himself all the Litecoin Cash? Not happy. Discontinuing using this site
3 years ago Yadi765 Hello,

why is my wallet is still empty?

I have written you many messages but no response.
3 years ago Tythaicam123 What open disputes do I have? They've already been cancelled.
3 years ago bristewart67 How long does it take to "confirm" a buy/sell transaction and people get their goods (Litecoin/cash)???
3 years ago corinjames Why does anyone need to post details of their trades, have you lost transaction information? 7 days and no reply from admin since I replied to their message where for some reason they disputed my last trade and blocked my trading..
3 years ago CryptoEc Hello, for some reason, I have two trades for 0 USD and 0 LTC in dispute. Can you please close those disputes in order to be able to trade?
3 years ago bristewart67 Why has trading for my account been disabled? I have never traded anything yet?!?!

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