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Litecoinlocal is run by a team of two experienced web developers. Please feel free to contact us should you have any issues whatsoever!

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4 years ago ltc1234 And still nothing...I really need my litecoins!!!!!!!!! I just spend £300 on my litecoins and I cannot get them!!! Withdrawal did not go through...and my balance is zero...
4 years ago ltc1234 I am waiting for an hour...I withdraw 2.36 ltc, and I have not received any TRX id yet. Clearly my transaction did not go through. But my balance in the local litecoin wallet is zero. Where are my litecoins??
4 years ago ltc1234 Please help!!!! I want my LTC back!!! my withdrawal transaction did not go through but my balance is still zero!!
4 years ago ltc1234 Hello, I tried to withdraw 2.36 ltc. It seems the transaction did not go through, I have not received any transaction id yet, and it says it is pending. It seems the transaction did not go through, but my balance is zero. Please help!!!
4 years ago newkidhere It says my account is disabled! I have never opened an account ! how is that possible?
4 years ago Jamo I need my account unblocked, it says there might be open disputes, there was previously one due to the database corruption but that was resolved, i have now been waiting weeks to be able to start trading again.
4 years ago pepps1976 A mate of mine owns a pump and dump group with other 20K Subscribers, he also has contacts with other groups, if they dont sort this i will start it of no problem, then they will have no one trading on this site
4 years ago pepps1976 Social Media rant Lets go!!
4 years ago HalfDeck Fuck this site y'all. They're trying to scam everyone. Putting my account on negative due to a dispute with a trader I've never even had chat with. Fake ass shit.
4 years ago UntouchableC Hi my wallet is in the negative and I have a dispute for 0.00 LTC.

Not too sure whats going on here

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