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Buyer: AndyBrooks (100% , 2)
Payment Method: Cash deposit
Price / LTC: 52.15026000 USD / LTC
Amount Available: 12000 - 20000 USD

Trade Information: I would like to buy ether by depositing cash into your Bank of America*, Wells Fargo*, Chase*, BBVA, Wood Forest or COOP Credit Union account.

*Bank of America, Chase, and Wells Fargo only allow cash deposits into business accounts.

After you open a trade, provide me with your full name, account number, and state. Once I deposit, I'll upload a photo of the receipt with some trade details written on it. Please verify the deposit and release escrow in a timely fashion.

Happy trading,
- Andy :)

Bank Info: Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, BBVA, Wood Forest, COOP Credit Union, any Austin TX bank

Buyer last active: 2 months ago


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TheBitcoinKing (100% , 27) Positive: Love + Peace ★★★ Trusted by McViLLaN ★★★ ✓ Bank verified ✓ ID Verified ฿ ➩ LTC
merdenoms (100% , 1) Positive: Cool guy! Quick and simple.

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