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Buyer: McVillan (100% , 1)
Payment Method: Paypal
Price / LTC: 34.84411587 EUR / LTC
Amount Available: 25 - 5000 EUR

Trade Information: ★ Selling to us ★

Safe and secure with a long term trusted trader with 0000's sent daily
We aim to have the payment in your account in 10 mins
We offer a no claw back guarantee with all PayPal payments
Sent as payment for goods and services

★ PayPal Guarantee ★

Never to reverse payment

★ Contact details (always verify) ★

We do not get an alert so please get in touch so we can come online here

Twitter – Reddit – Keybase - Telegram @TheBitcoinKing

Bank Info: Please send your PayPal email for payment

We normally take around 10 mins to complete

Buyer last active: 6 months ago


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bbourkez (100% , 2) Positive: Quick payment/ great communication. Thanks :)

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