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You are selling litecoins.

Buyer: laech (67% , 4)
Payment Method: Paypal
Price / LTC: 34.93725000 USD / LTC
Amount Available: 20 - 1400 USD

Trade Information: I am using my personal PayPal account. This account is attached to my eBay business account as well and has been in good standing for a very long time.

I will prove who I am before we complete this trade. I want you to know I do not play BS games. Ask me anything anytime and I will get back to you very quickly!

Bank Info: Send me your paypal email so I can pay you!

Buyer last active: 5 days ago


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Trading Feedback

mendry90 (100% , 11) Positive: positive . . .good trader ;)
Skullman09 (100% , 1) Positive: Very nice and trusting
mendry90 (100% , 11) Positive: positive . . . very fast
chootds (100% , 1) Negative: Still haven't received payment.

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